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OnLine e-services

With our online e-services you can easy make your transaction from home as you are in your office.

easy to configure

All modules are easy to configure, no need for development consultant to configure the system.

fast & easy

Web page load quickly, faster pages is reducing the front-end load time on your computer.

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i.next.wave Capabilities
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  • Learning & Growth
    This perspective includes employee training and corporate cultural attitudes related to both individual and corporate self-improvement. In a knowledge-worker organization, people -- the only repository of knowledge -- are the main resource. In the current climate of rapid technological change, it is becoming necessary for knowledge workers to be in a continuous learning mode. Metrics can be put into place to guide managers in focusing training funds where they can help the most. In any case, learning and growth constitute the essential foundation for success of any knowledge-worker organization.
  • Business Process
    This perspective refers to internal business processes. Metrics based on this perspective allow the managers to know how well their business is running, and whether its products and services conform to customer requirements (the mission). These metrics have to be carefully designed by those who know these processes most intimately; with our unique missions these are not something that can be developed by outside consultants.
  • Customer
    Recent management philosophy has shown an increasing realization of the importance of customer focus and customer satisfaction in any business. These are leading indicators: if customers are not satisfied, they will eventually find other suppliers that will meet their needs. Poor performance from this perspective is thus a leading indicator of future decline, even though the current financial picture may look good.
  • Financial
    i.next.wave do not disregard the traditional need for financial data. Timely and accurate funding data will always be a priority, and managers will do whatever necessary to provide it. In fact, often there is more than enough handling and processing of financial data. With the implementation of a corporate database, it is hoped that more of the processing can be centralized and automated. But the point is that the current emphasis on financials leads to the "unbalanced" situation with regard to other perspectives. There is perhaps a need to include additional financial-related data, such as risk assessment and cost-benefit data, in this category.
  • Wizard, Customizations are Wow.. You can easy use our customization to configure the system.

  • Look and Feel i.next.wave team designed all modules per all very comfortable look and feel.

  • Select The Right Module You can easy select the right module for your organization, and also you can set the proper permissions for your employees.

in i.next.wave you can trust.

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IT Consultations

a field of activity focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving their business objectives. In addition to providing advice, IT consultancies often estimate, manage, implement, deploy, and administer IT systems on behalf of their client organizations - a practice known as "outsourcing".

Web Development

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, and electronic businesses.

IT Project Management

Project management is the discipline of carefully projecting or planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end usually time-constrained.


is an organization involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers. Businesses are prevalent in capitalist economies, where most of them are privately owned and provide goods and services to customers in exchange for other goods, services, or money. Businesses may also be not-for-profit or state-owned. A business owned by multiple individuals may be referred to as a company.


is the collection of techniques, methods or processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology can be the knowledge of techniques, processes, etc. or it can be embedded in machines, computers, devices and factories, which can be operated by individuals without detailed knowledge of the workings of such things.


Marketing is about communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers or consumers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service, or brand. The oldest – and perhaps simplest and most natural form of marketing – is 'word of mouth' (WOM) marketing, in which consumers convey their experiences of a product, service or brand in their day-to-day communications with others. These communications can of course be either positive or negative. In recent times, the internet has provided a platform for mass, electronic WOM marketing (e-WOM), with consumers actively engaged in rating and commenting on goods and services.

client testimonials

  • We have been very impressed by iNextWave ability to transform, read our minds and deliver an excellent e-services that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed to sustain the international development of our company.

    Osama Tawfik - id-kw Founder & CEO custmer
  • Being faced with the task of branding your company is a large undertaking. I spoke with a few large many small and big organization, and none of them gave me a feeling of intimacy and understanding when it came to my company — I felt like I was very lucky to be one from their clients.

    Hanan Mohammed Harb custmer
  • I'm very pleased after joining iNextWave community. It has been a great experience working with them.

    Mahmoud Madbouly - Senior Consultant custmer
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