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Who We Are

i.next.wave - IT industry.

iNextWave is the world's fast growing IT and consulting Services Company, operating in 4 countries. iNextWave has been present in the Middle East since 2015 and is committed to bringing innovative solutions to a diverse client base -- to help them overcome their business challenges and to seize competitive advantage in the marketplace. As well as being a global business and technology leader, iNextWave has a strong local presence in this region, operating with a number of business partners who provide additional support, services and expertise. Through partnerships with businesses and small to medium companies across the world, iNextWave can help to build a smarter planet.

Our Skills

On-line e-services 95%
IT Consultations 63%
Software Development 85%
IT Project Management 50%

Meet Our Team

  • Mahmoud Abd Al-Rahman - Founder & ceo

  • Mahmoud, a very ambitious and highly motivated person, especially in information Technology and project management, with over 14 years of progressive experience. Possesses handful knowledge about complex IT projects and computer systems, and ability to carry out marker research to enhance the new project and product processes.

    Resions to You Choose us

    Ready e-services
    We handle all the technical aspects of enhancing or solving the issues you face in your daily use of our e-services, we are using the ultimate model for efficiency, cost-savings, and quality development.
    IT best practise frameworks
    We are experts in IT Consultations we are using ITIL, ISO, and COBIT. We’re the only nearshore IT Company in the Middle East and Europe to support the majority of small enterprises.
    Time saving
    Our unique “own software development team ‘’on-line e-services’ ” model can reduce in up to 90% cost savings that would typically make the customers start another services or enhancements.
    Easy to configure and re-use
    Our services allow you to use quickly or self-enhancement to our e-services to meet your needs at any given moment.

    Our History

    •  2015
      In 2015, the company established online with basic features to enable the online users to use many characteristics of the i.next.wave e-services, there are also a partnership with an excellent marketing company in Kuwait.
    •  2016
      In 2016, we are improving our e-services, listing to the world customers, and enhancing our services to meet all clients’ expectations.